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Welcome to Gunu's web page. Gunu is my nick name otherwise I am called as Aman Jha. I just turned 6 years in 2005 summer. If you want to contact us, use jha_savi_at_hotmail.com.

What's new-
Since I am 6 years now, I'll start 1st grade in Fairground School in Nashua.

Within this site, you will find my pictures as well as my parents' (Sanjeev and Shalini Jha) pictures. Then there are links of my parents and other realtives/friends page. There are also some links and pictures of my frineds and relatives. Check out these links too.

What else I do .. hmm - I help my dad in garden. He got quite new flowers and tomato plants. Well sometime I make mess when I tried to dig alongwith him.
I help my mom in cooking sometime, well sometime I spill food while taking out from refrigetor.
I like to play around my house with neighbors but sometime I go too far from home without telling any and then my parents to kid-hunting.
I love doing bar-b-q, I enjoy the cooking outside more than eating. Well it's all my fun when we go beaches or parks.
I have two fishes, sparky and piloo. I really love those and when I put my figures in that aquarium, fishes lick my fingures.
I spent lots of time working on computers, well I say playing computer game working because that's what mostly people do, don't they ?

These web pages are designed mostly by my mom.
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